How do I get my coloring book pages ?

After payment process, you will get the link to download the pages of the book. 

In the meantime, you will receive by email, with your payment confirmation, the link to reach the same page to download.

Do I have to save the book on my computer ?

Yes, you can save the pdf file on your desktop or on your mobile to be able to access to it and print it again and again as much as you want. 

Please note that if you didn't save the file immediately after download, you will always be able to refer to the confirmation payment email received, where you will find the link to the page to download. 

Which format and size is the book ?

The format of the book is A4 : width 210 x height 297 mm

Do I need a specific printer ?

No you don't. Every printer will do good. All printer are offering to print in A4  format. To print A3 please note that you might need to change the position of the cassette (paper tray, paper box) and/or the paper position.

What if I don't have a printer at home ?

No problem. You can send the pdf file by email to a friend or to yourself at the office. 

Do I need a specific software ? 

No you don't. You will download the pages as a pdf file. 

Can I print on any paper quality ?

Yes. For an optimal result, we advise to print on white paper 80g and above. 

Can I print the posters at home ? 

Yes, most printers are offering to print on A4 and A3 paper. 

How can I frame the poster ? 

You can buy a nice frame at the right dimension but you can also fix it on the wall with tape of different color for example, for an easy and cool result.  

Should I use coloring pencils, markers, water color or painting ?

Anything you want. Make a try with all, you can print unlimited copies and start again.

Can I get a refund ?

Since all our products are downloads, we can not offer this option.



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